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APRIL - TIP OF THE MONTH! Perfection....

I once heard this quote, "Don't let perfection be the enemy of good." It was an Oprah "Ah ha moment!" I so clearly heard it and immediately thought of how to implement that in my life and then... AH HA! - how important is it for an actor to hear this?!

There are so many pressures that we put on ourselves already in this crazy business we call show and really, perfection doesn't need to be added to the list! Think about it, just because you do it perfectly does not mean that it was good! Right isn't always right when being perfect gets in the way of some really awesome work. I have a friend who is wildly disappointed in himself if he flubs a line or misses a word - and really in the end, the effort and the pressure (white knuckles included) that we're seeing on you as strive for perfection, can truly get in your own way. True magic always happens in the studio when an actor is able to just throw caution to the wind, do the work, maybe have some fun .... and let that gremlin known as perfection go back into their cave!

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