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July is beach time, but August is time for Warriors!

I hope that you are all enjoying the beach and this extreme heat we are experiencing here in July! New York is still full of beautiful auditions and gorgeous beaches for the weekend!! For a really great beach day, Fire Island doesn't allow cars and is just gorgeous. Dont forget to follow me on IG for some bonus audition breakdowns!!! You never know when you are going to be the solution to my current casting breakdown!

Weekend Warrior Intensive is back August 24th!!! Cannot wait to meet a whole new group of Warriors then! (try to get in on the early bird special as May and June were completely sold out) Enjoy the heat and some outdoor movies and see you at the end of August.

Tip of the week!! If you want somewhere to chill in the AC, dont forget that most Broadway shows are filmed and archived in the NYC Public Library. If you haven't gone there, please experience that. It's a true NYC treat!

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