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Private Coaching

Audition / Life / Career Coaching

As a Casting Director at House Casting, I have cast hundreds of projects over the past 13 years. In addition, I've directed plays and web series, taught classes, and stage managed theater productions, protecting and conserving the creative integrity of my shows. I became passionate about working with actors, which inspired my private coaching work. Using my experience as a Casting Director and knowledge of the entertainment business has been the perfect marriage to help guide actors toward achieving successful and rewarding careers. I have always loved being an advocate for actors and creating. As someone who went to SUNY Purchase to be a Stage Manager, believe me, I really love this business that we are in and am so grateful to be a part of it....

Rates (via Zoom or Skype)

1/2 Hour - $75

45 Mins - $100

1 Hour - $125

Audition Coaching / Taping

$75 / hour

*I also offer small group class by request only. Rates based on group size. 

Pearl Thomas.jpeg

In Rebecca’s class, there is no wall between her and the actor.  She shares from the heart what it takes to book commercial work today. She set me up for success by sharing her own stories about the industry and it made a difference in my performance.

Pearl Thomas

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