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The Commercial Intensive

The One Day Intensive on How to Get The Callback!

 Let's get that callback and continue to be invited back. 

In this class you will learn how to 

* Audition successfully (both in person and on self tape) 

We will cover all things commercial and answer the following questions: 

*How do I get my personality across via self tape / zoom?

* Does the slate matter?

* Can I improvise?

*What is casting looking for?

*The business of the business and how to reframe your audition approach

*Reader vs. no reader

*The set up for self tapes

This class takes place once a month. March Dates are up!

Private Coaching

Spark Coaching!

Do you really find JOY in everything that you are doing in your life or are you just doing it because someone told you that you were really good at it? Are you pursuing your goals because they inspire you to participate in the steps toward them? Do you surround yourself with people that inspire you and support you? Are you able to refill your well in order to show up for yourself every single day?
This is a comprehensive coaching business to shift your mindset to actively feel abundant and joyful in your life and career.

15 Minute Consultation Call Required!!

Spark: The Business of Acting 
A 3 Week Workshop on Creating Your Career

Pearl Thomas.jpeg

In Rebecca’s class, there is no wall between her and the actor.  She shares from the heart what it takes to book commercial work today. She set me up for success by sharing her own stories about the industry and it made a difference in my performance.

Pearl Thomas

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